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Barham Cup EKTC Trial

Restricted to members of ACU clubs in the SE Centre East Kent Trials Combine

A round of the SE Centre EKTC Championship

Grove House Farm, Wingmore, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6LT

13th October 2019 Start Time: 10.30


Clerk of the Course: Mark Ridge (984)

Secretary of the meeting: Amanda Taylor

47 Borstal Hill, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 4NU

07955 022352 e mail


JURISDICTION: Held under the National Sporting Code, Environmental Code and Standing TRIALS Regulations of the A.C.U., Trials Regulations of the organising Centre, these Supplementary regulations and any final instructions that may be issued

MEDICATION: It is your responsibility to declare at signing on if you are taking any drugs, you may be tested.

CHILD PROTECTION: The Secretary of the Meeting is the point of contact (National Sporting Code 6.14).

ENTRIES: Having entered the event, if you become a non starter you must explain your absence to the promoting club. Failure to do so is a breach of the Rules.

All entrants must show their club membership and ACU affilliation card when signing on at the event and state the number on the entry form. No Card = No Ride

ENTRY DETAILS: Open  - Close :    Fees: Solo: £15.00 Youths £10  ENTRY ON THE DAY £20’ Youths £15

If paying by cheque or postal order, make payable to Barham MCC and send to the Secretary of the Meeting.

Send 2 stamped self addressed envelopes  (11 x 22cm) with entry if you require paper list of entries and results. Otherwise these will be e-mailed to you using the e-mail address given in the entry form.


CLASSES: A - Expert         B - Inter         C - Novice         D - Inter O/40         E - Novice O/50        F - Youth Expert

               G - Youth Inter    H - Youth Novice         I - Twinshock         J - Pre 67         K- Beginner (Yellow)     


AWARDS: As per EKTC Rules

GENERAL: Marking as per TSR 22B Non Stop

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Entry Form