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Important Notice

With the increased use of land by the club for practice days etc we rely heavily on the goodwill of the landowners to allow us to continue using their ground.

Our behaviour while taking part in any event is important,  both when riding in the event or simply around the parking area.

So this is a gentle reminder to all participants at Barham events to act in a responsible and considerate manner at all times. Keep to marked routes at all times, and refrain from “party tricks”  which invariably damage the ground we use.

REMEMBER, if we lose a piece of ground due to bad behaviour we won’t get it back.

Riders acting in an irresponsible manner will be asked to desist and ultimately to leave.

Fancy being an observer?

Would you like to have a go at observing, or helping to at one of our Trials?

You don’t need to be a club member but if you’d like to have a go and help make the days possible, simply click on the link and complete the short form.

If you’ve never done it before don’t worry, we can team you up with an experienced observer to show you the ropes and make sure you’re comfortable with the rules.

We can’t guarantee that there would always be a section available to observe but you would be contacted before an event to see if you’d like to observe. Go on you know you want to!

Riders, did you know you can renew your ACU licence on line now?

Updated 26th August 2015


A Gentlemans (& Ladies!) Ride out

So August the 4th saw the first Barham Club “Chip Run”.  The evening was warm and dry and expectations for a pleasant evenings ride were high.

Due to the slightly late arrival of the “organiser” (more of that elsewhere)  the off was delayed but when the group left – considering it was the first one the turnout was good with 11 bikes in all, a couple with pillions as well as Tony and Alan in the Mazda  - (pretty flash for a support car eh!).

 Mark was busy taking a few snaps ready no doubt for Facebook and an archives update. In addition a couple of other riders who had intended to meet up were caught in severe delays which meant they couldn't make the off this time which was a mighty shame.

Bikes ranged from Triumphs, BMW's, Aprillia, Ducati's and Yamaha's with the star of the show being Eddies Vincent!

We ran down through the Elham Valley and straight into Hythe at a respectable speed, the front runners hoping that the rearguard weren't having to thrash to keep up! But Hythe was reached with no mechanical mishaps. (Well other than Tim having to take evasive action from a wayward chainguard from Nicks Triumph! And there's more of that later as well!!)

Pulling into the Aldi car park, everyone seemed happy enough with the ride down. Minutes later and the local chippy owner must have thought Christmas had come early as we all marched in to order some well needed sustenance.

Duly fed and watered time for the trip back and Eddie probably a little keener than most as the Vinnie possessed no real lighting and dusk was already closing in. As we all fired up Eddie gave us a reminder of how easy us modern bike riders have it with the old “thumb start”. Several kicks and a couple of choice phrases and the V twin rumbled into life and we set off home in the half light. Eddies candle fluttering behind the lead bike.

Only problem we had on the run was the route intended out of Hythe was shut (typical) so we had to double back and came back the way we went in. No big shakes though. Eddie and a couple of others left us in Elham and most carried  on past the Duke on the way back, leaving just 3 bikes calling back to the pub for a quick liquid refreshment where the con-census was - “Excellent for a first group ride – we must sort another one and perhaps do it one Sunday morning and make it a breakfast run”

And with that the remaining 3 set off on their respective journeys home. But was that the end for our intrepid club members.................................oh no............. not for two of them anyway.

Well to see how things unfolded click here to read one personal account!

Next Practice

Committee Club Meeting

17th September 2015

Duke of Cumberland Barham 7:30 on

Remember this isn’t just for the committee, come along and have a say and give us your thoughts and ideas

(No meeting in August)

Next Barham Trial

The Barham Cup Trial which will be held in October

Plenty of practice time then!


Next  Adult/Youth Practice

The next open to all Barham members practice day is set for 27th September

The venue will be the ever popular Crundale Lime Quarry CT4 7ED

Start time 10.30 Entry is £10

Everyone is very welcome to ride. It’s a big area but please ride  responsibly and bear in mind it is primarily for the youngsters. Adults please pass on those hints and tips on riding skills! Thank you all.

Contact Youth Officer Tim Taylor (Mobile 07725 988775) for further information

There won't be a practice in October as Bexleyheath have a B&W practice on 18th October and  OWLs have a B&W practice on 25th October


Barham Rideout Awaiting the off Are we going yet? No need to wrap it I'll take it like that! Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout Barham Rideout

And now for something completely different!

 Well at least for many of us. How do you fancy a days Speedway riding/sliding. I’ve just been on an experience day at Arena Essex and have to say - what a blast! One of the best days I’ve had. They cater for all levels of experience, and bikes are 125, 350 or the full 500 race bikes. A totally different discipline to almost every other bike related sport - launching at full throttle on a 500 toward a welcoming barrier with no brakes….fantastic.  Go on treat yourself, you’ll love it!

In the words of Arnie “I’ll be back”

So thanks to the guys and gals at Speedway Ride and Slide experience.

There’s a link to their site on our links page (where else!)