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Welcome to the Barham Motorcycle Club web site

We hope that you find the website easy to use.

We’ve put most information under the buttons on the left. But if you’re looking for an entry form for the latest Barham Trial, the riders list or results from the last event then use the buttons directly below


Want to have a go at being an observer?

Would you like to have a go at observing, or helping to at one of our Trials?

You don’t need to be a club member but if you’d like to have a go and help make the days possible, simply click on the link and complete the short form.

If you’ve never done it before don’t worry, we can team you up with an experienced observer to show you the ropes and make sure you’re comfortable with the rules.

We can’t guarantee that there would always be a section available to observe but you would be contacted before an event to see if you’d like to observe. Go on you know you want to!

Updated 16/10/2018


Barham Cup Gallery, Event pictures and provisional results now online

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So the AGM was held on the 20/09 -

A number of items were discussed and a report will appear in due course - key issues though were: Membership Subs - sadly due to rising costs these will increase to £15 and £30 annually depending on whether you have the Sporting Motorcyclist magazine as well. The editors post remains empty so as a trial we will use “guest” editors to bring a slight variation to each month, until perhaps a permanent editor can be found - if you fancy doing the job - please contact one of the committee or send an e mail to

Thanks were given to all embers who give up their time to assist in the running of the club and it’s events.

REMEMBER this is your, the members, club  …come and get involved….because without members getting involved the club wouldn’t exist!!

Club Meeting

This will be on 18/10/2018

At The Black Robin Valley Road Kingston CT4 6HS

Committee start 7:30, General meet 8:30pm onwards

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Riders, did you know you can renew your ACU licence on line now?

The end of Motorsport in the UK and Europe?

Many of you may have heard of the VNUK ruling but think it won’t happen - so here’s an update!

For those of you who don’t know what this is all about then I shall begin……..

Once upon a time (2007 actually) in far off Slovenia a Mr Vnuk was knocked off of his ladder by a reversing tractor and trailer. He was injured and claimed compensation, but the insurers refused to payout as the accident was on private land away from the public road. The European Court of Justice (CJEU) got involved and ruled that the Slovenian government had failed to transpose the Motor Insurance Directive (MID) into national law correctly and that the MID required that all vehicles must have insurance cover for all uses everywhere covering all risks and liabilities.

This ruling was challenged by the British, Irish and German governments, but in 2014 the CJEU rejected the appeal.

The UK government, along with sports bodies and industry, lobbied the European Commission to change the legislation so that motorsport would be exempt. It was helped by insurance bodies such as British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) and the Association of British Insurers (ABI), who stated that insuring motorsport in the same way as normal road use would be extremely expensive (particularly for vehicle to vehicle collisions on the track), that such a policy would not be commercially viable, and no underwriter would want to enter this market. The UK Government also supports this position.

In 2016 the European Commission’s commissioner was in favour of exempting motorsport from the directive, but a consultation was then held.

The European Commission then held two more consultations on the issue during 2017. The responses to both were overwhelmingly in favour of the EU exempting motorsport from mandatory insurance


However in May 2018, two years after the Commission promised to exempt motorsport, they published a formal proposal for an amendment and an impact assessment that explicitly included motorsport in the scope for compulsory motor insurance.

The detail of this proposal was to include a definition of the ‘use of a vehicle’ which included all use of a vehicle on all terrains, whether moving or stationary.

If adopted, this proposal will mean that all vehicles, whether family cars, museum pieces, off road

competition machines or MotoGP bikes, F1 cars etc will all need a minimum 3rd party motor insurance covering all damages and liabilities at all times and for all uses - including use on a closed circuit or a closed public road. So a complete U-turn then!

So what can be done? All that we can do is raise awareness of this totally ludicrous piece of euro legislation - by contacting our MP’s, Euro MP’s and ask them their views and enlist their help in getting motorsport exempted. So please contact your MP today - don’t sit expecting others to save your right to ride in competitive events.

Don’t assume that “it won’t happen as we’re leaving the European Union” this is a very real and present danger and could be implemented quite soon.

So contact you’re MP NOW!!

Motorsport needs you!

First Aid Course

Amanda has organised a First Aid Course to be held at Manston for a limited number of people. This is aimed specifically at those that are actively involved within the Trials scene (most other areas of the sport do have trained medics available) To this end there are one or two places still available. If you are interested please contact via

Privacy Policy

Youth Trial Sponsored by Colwin Motorcycles of Sittingbourne

An entry of 15 riders enjoyed the fantastic weather and a great trial.

Many thanks to the sponsors and all of those who helped make the event a great success, laying out the course, observing etc. And of course to the landowner for giving us permission to use their land

Dates for the Diary

28th October Mutton Lancers Trial China Farm Regs and Entry form now on site

Frittenden Flyer 7th October

The Barham flag was flying well at this event with Dave Mears coming 2nd in the 350 final, 4th in the 500 final and 2nd in the Unlimited final, (riding a 350) Congratulations also to Stuart Mears finishing 6th in the 500 final. Finally well done to Derrrick Keyes who came 8th in the Upright final.

Brighton Speed Trials

Congratulations to Amanda for finishing 8th in the consistency class at the Brighton Speed Trials - A full report will be forthcoming - (with pictures we hope!) Of her valiant efforts and how it nearly didn’t happen!

Barham Cup Trial 14th October The Results Are In!!

Lovely weather despite the forecast threatening heavy rain! Everyone seemed to be enjoying the day - thanks to everyone involved in setting out the course, observing etc. And thanks as always to the landowner. The Gallery pics are now up,as well as the full event pictures please note that these are in low resolution - any that we provide will be in higher resolution so greater clarity!

Results will follow shortly.